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It’s time for you to claim lasting sobriety without the rinse and repeat cycle of relapse.

~Kelly Miller, The Addiction Nutritionist

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The Recovery Wellness Roadmap

Most people in recovery struggle to stay sober without extreme rebound depression, insomnia, and anxiety. My proven Post-Acute-Withdrawal-Syndrome (PAWS) Protocol rewires your brain for well-balanced moods. When you reclaim joy and calm, the relentless cravings fade away and you can break free from addiction for life.

The Real Road to Recovery

Have you ever wondered why relapse rates are so high? The problem with most traditional recovery programs is that the most fundamental component of addiction is ignored and you drift right back into a never-ending cycle of self-sabotage. Today, I invite you to imagine a life rooted in resilience instead of reactivity.

Reactivity is...

Resilience is...

Feeling trapped in the fight-flight-freeze response that sends you searching for solutions in all the wrong places. 

Living life blind to your most primal human needs, keeping you stuck in a cycle of constant chaos and destruction.

Playing into patterns of low self-worth and no self-love, leaving you treading the hamster wheel of survival mode.

See-sawing between bottomless lows and empty highs - consumed by the constant need for more

Learning the language of your own body so you can honor what it needs to achieve a nourished equilibrium.

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and be able to easefully spring back into a place of balance in your body, mind, and spirit after disruption.

Clearing the fear, pain, and drama from your precious life and stepping into a well of deep self-worth, resounding clarity, and confidence in your why. 

Living shame and guilt-free as you relish in genuine stability, contentment, and satisfaction.

Your needs will find a way to fulfill themselves one way or another because the brain and body crave balance… 


The Recovery Wellness Roadmap is here to help you choose the resilient path to healing and thriving vitality.

What Clients Are Saying...

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