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About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly Miller - Nutrition Therapist, Recovery Coach and PAWS Expert, also known as The Addiction Nutritionist!


I help people eliminate the tension of feeling controlled by cravings and bad habits and live their best lives free from addictive foods and mood-altering substances.

My personal story is now my life long passion. During a traumatic time in my life, I developed an emotional dependency on food

From a very early age, I used foods like chocolate, cookies, breads, and caffeinated drinks to either stimulate my brain to stay focused (hello ADHD) or soothe my mind from uncomfortable states like anxiety and depression. As I entered into my adult years my tendency to use substances to regulate my internal environment led to a decades-long battle with nicotine addiction and alcohol dependence. 

I lived with intense daily turmoil for most of my life, desperately wanting to break free from feeling controlled by food and substances just to make it through a normal day.

My heart and my head wanted freedom, but my body felt trapped, under some sort of spell of self-sabotaging habits and powerful compulsions. Every day I experienced the full weight of my decisions with a mountain of shame, rooted in the feeling that I would never develop self-control or conquer this crushing cycle…Why didn't I have the will power to make the changes I desperately wanted?

It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties when I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders, that I discovered the secrets to breaking free from addictive mood-altering substances and ultra-processed foods. 

I began to identify the nutritional discrepancies between what I was consuming and what my body needed and started renourishing myself with nutrient-dense foods that stabilized my mood and changed my life.  


I repaired nutrient deficiencies, identified food sensitivities, and eliminated inflammation and toxins.  With some basic tools, and practices rooted in science, I was able to bring my brain back online and my body back in balance so I could function optimally. 

I also discovered amino acid therapy, a way of creating targeted supplementation to reduce cravings, stabilize mood and completely eliminate addiction. After spending almost a decade experimenting on myself, going back to school to become a Nutrition Therapist, and spending countless hours on continuing education in mental health and addiction nutrition, I launched THE ADDICTION NUTRITIONIST.

Now I teach others who share my struggle, a proven method called the PAWS PROTOCOL, which uses food, supplements, and lifestyle to stabilize their mood and bring their brain back online, so they no longer feel controlled by their desires, cravings, or addictions. 

I empower people to learn the language of their own bodies, so they can quickly identify their unique needs and nourish themselves accordingly. 

I want you to know that living a life of true freedom and healing is possible, and I can show you how!

Best in health, 


Shister Headshots-53-DB PS_websize_edited_edited.jpg

Master Certified Nutrition Therapist

Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach 

Certified Recovery Coach 

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional

Certified Amino Acid Therapy Practitioner

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach (L1)
& PN Master Health Coach (L2)


My Philosophy

There are no quick fixes. Real, sustainable change is cultivated over time, step by step, slowly and methodically. This applies to weight loss, self-confidence, mental health, recovery from any chronic disorder, or anything else worth fighting for.

Whole food nutrition is the foundation and the gateway to vibrant health. 

If you are not currently a person who eats healthy, exercises consistently, or lives out your values on a daily basis…you can become one
What we say about ourselves matters. Belief in yourself matters. Cultivating a relationship with yourself matters. 
Our life is the result of our thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your life.
Our habits decide our destiny. 
With the right lifestyle, the right mindset, and the right tools, you can heal from addiction 100%.
I believe life in recovery is 1,000% better than a life spent in bondage to bad habits. 
When we learn to identify our physical, emotional, and psychological needs, and take action to honor those needs, we can live a life of freedom and complete satisfaction.
You don't have to live in extremes anymore.  You can learn to thrive in the balance. 
When you consistently rebalance your baseline, stay self-aware, and take daily actions to meet your goals and live out your values, you have finally recovered well.

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