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Recovery Wellness Roadmap

This is for you if you are in recovery...

...From an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol and you're ready to claim lasting sobriety with a proven holistic wellness and nutrition program, developed by Kelly Miller, The Addiction Nutritionist, and tailored to your unique recovery needs.

Nicotine Free for Life

This is for you if you are ready to kick the habit...

…For good - without withdrawals or cravings. In this 30-day program, reprogram your brain chemistry with ease and grace so you can quit smoking for life.

Meditate at home
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We are launching a community like no other...

…off of social media, accessed right from your phone, where you can receive daily support, weekly live group coaching, accountability, challenges, courses, and endless information.  Come to connect, learn and do! The first 100 members will receive locked in prices and special deals, so sign up for the newsletter to be notified when enrollment opens!

Book Your Free Discovery Call Today

Choose the best time and date below to schedule a quick chat with me,

so we can see if you're a good fit for one of my programs!

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